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AI / ML-based technology solutions leveraging data

Data Engineering

We are helping our clients create self-service data platforms leveraging Big Data technologies. This includes ETL, data ingestion, data transformation, and data streaming to domain specific data marts

Data Analytics

We help customers with dashboards and reports leveraging latest visualization tools in the industry. We are building our capability with certified skill set on Tableau and Power BI

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Data Science (AI/ML)

We partner with customers to create predictive analytics models using AI/ ML. We leverage machine learning to deliver improved operations, ROI, and experiences for customers, partners, and employees

Cloud Data Platforms

As a Snowflake partner, we provide implementation and integration services with Snowflake. We can help integrate data across cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) with Snowflake. We can also help integrate Snowflake with Tableau and Salesforce

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Product Engineering

We partner with product and engineering teams to accelerate their roadmaps. We support clients during entire lifecycle of products starting from conceptualization to post launch. 

GTM Acceleration

We accelerate GTM initiatives of our clients to deliver improved experiences and revenues leveraging data


We offer digital services for process automation, process control, predictive analytics, and KPI management in manufacturing operations

Operations Transformation

We support operations teams to deliver improved experiences for their customers, partners, and employees

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